Sherman Health’s Geothermal Lake

July 16, 2008

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Click on image to view more pictures of the new Sherman Hospital's geothermal lake.

The new Sherman Hospital is well underway in creating a spectacular healing environment for future patients, guests and staff. Sherman has installed one of the largest energy producing geothermal lakes in the world. The 15-acre lake will heat and cool the new hospital without emitting harmful pollutants and will save Sherman about $1million a year.

The lake works by using solar energy absorbed by the earth and trapping heat just below the frost line. An underwater heating pump then transforms the heat into a form of energy, geothermal energy, providing the hospital with a dependable, eco-friendly heating and cooling system.

This system will cost 13 percent more to install than traditional energy sources, but the investment will more than pay for itself in just a few short years.The lake will make Sherman one of the most energy-efficient health care facilities in the country.

This money saving technique is becoming a popular topic all over the world. An article titled Are Geothermal Heat Pumps For You? goes into great detail on what geothermal heating and cooling is (albeit from a consumer’s standpoint) and is a good resource for those looking for a simple explanation of the technology. Sherman’s geothermal lake takes this to a much larger, more commercial scale, however. An interesting read.

Please visit a recent news article on our main web site to see and learn more about Sherman’s geothermal lake.

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3 Responses to “Sherman Health’s Geothermal Lake”

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  2. WittyRuby said

    This lake sounds so interesting to me. I wish I can work at this hospital one day.

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