Better HealthCare by Design

August 21, 2008

While different patients require different types of care, there is one thing that they all have in common; they have to heal! Slowly, more and more hospitals are realizing the emphasis that is placed on the healing process and are seeking out different and more creative ways to healing and recuperating.

Sherman Health is taking a step in the direction called “Better Healthcare by Design,” which places a strong emphasis on the architectural design and decoration as an integral tool in the healing process. The idea is that although architecture cannot physically heal a person, the design can put the patient in a better state of mind, which soothes the mind and soul. Because patients are often alone in their rooms, they have time with their thoughts and by giving a patient “food for thought,” so to speak, the architectural experience will ultimately change their outlook.

Healing Architecture,” discusses the “Three N’s,” nature, natural light and natural air. Sherman is implementing this new concept throughout the new Hospital by housing various elements of nature.

One of the architectural elements is called The Tree of Life, an elm tree structure that will spread from the new atrium through the upper levels. The Tree of Life is a dramatic representation illustrating the integration of the new facility with its prairie setting by bringing the elements of nature inside.

All of the patient rooms will also bring light of nature. The new hospital will have 255, 100% private patient rooms—half with direct views of the geothermal lake and beautiful landscaping, and half with open views to a courtyard. All of Sherman’s private rooms will come with sleeper couches, a family gathering lounge and private bathrooms.

Visit to find out what else is going on at Sherman’s new Hospital.

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