Patient Centered Hospitals: Ease of Access, Patient-Friendly and Efficient

November 14, 2008

atrium1Today, approximately 90% of hospital visits are on an outpatient basis. This wasn’t the case for most of the 20th century when the layout and design of hospitals was based on two influences: the care of inpatients and the organizational needs of physicians.

Up until the 1960’s, inpatients were almost the only patients seen in hospitals. Thus hospitals – the architecture and layout, processes and services – were designed according to the needs of inpatients and the attending physicians.

However, throughout the decades, advancements in medical technology and treatment made healthcare easier and unnecessary to admit patients. Inpatients have become outpatients and now the way hospitals were traditionally designed needs to change to accommodate this new way of using healthcare.

Today, hospitals like Sherman Health have learned that the number of outpatients have increased significantly and have transformed the way health care facilities are designed and operate. They have come to recognize the emerging concept of patient-centered hospital design.

Yes, Hospitals still care about inpatients and that’s why they are made sure to be as comfortable as possible with outside views, private bathrooms and luxury rooms. On the other hand, outpatients using a hospital designed primarily around their needs are happier knowing the services they require will be easy to access, registration is quick and streamlined and they’ll get prompt attention they need.

atrium2To provide these services and needs, today’s smart hospitals — like Sherman  — are also designed to operate quickly and efficiently. In order to provide organization and efficiency, arriving patients enter through a lobby or atrium.  They usually feature an atrium that will allow visitors to easily access other wings or floors, all clearly marked and well lit for easy direction. A receptionist will be present as well for added patient and visitor assistance.

There are many challenges when building a facility for inpatient and outpatient needs, whether it be making sure visitors are on the correct floor or getting them in and out as efficiently as possible, It’s easy for everyone, the visitors, patients and hospital staff, and ensures the best quality care.

3 Responses to “Patient Centered Hospitals: Ease of Access, Patient-Friendly and Efficient”

  1. Teresa said

    It’s nice to see convenience of the outpatient is being considered in the design of Sherman Hospital.

  2. Kyle O said

    It Looks like this hospital design will fit the needs of the Elgin Area. Sherman is a great hospital and has a friendly staff that always are willing to help…..

  3. mzpritteful said

    This is a great concept for a new hospital design. I hate not being able to find where I need to go when I am at the hospital, it is nice to see them taking all of their patients (inpatients and outpatients) into consideration!

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