New Hospital Activities

January 26, 2009

sherman-hospital-construction-273This month:

  • Production drywall has begun in the main tower elevator lobbies.
  • Main tower stairwell drywall and painting is ongoing.
  • Second floor drywall continues.
  • The data center mechanical, electrical and plumbing has begun.
  • The cancer center exterior is 97% complete.
  • Interior primer and first finish coat continues in the main tower.
  • Finalize furniture plans.
  • Assembling information for Randall Rd. and Fox Lane improvements.
  • Ceiling grid continues in the main hospital areas.
  • Electrical switchgear continues to be installed.
  • Temporary heat is in place utilizing the permanent boilers for steam.
  • Light fixture installation has begun in the main tower.
  • Doors and hardware are being installed in the main tower.
  • Cancer center mechanical, electrical, and plumbing underground is complete; and slab on grade subgrade is being placed.

Medical Office Building Updates

  • Structural steel erection is virtually complete.
  • Detailing and concrete work continues.

Click here for more photos

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