The Future of Sherman Health’s New Cafe

March 10, 2009

77The new Sherman Hospital is less than a year from grand opening and we have more information about what’s to come — and this time it’s about the food!

We recently interviewed Lisa Schairer, the Director of Food and Nutrition for Sherman Health. Here’s what you can expect from the new “Café” at Sherman Hospital.

Question 1: What kinds of considerations were involved in selecting the menu at the new Sherman Hospital?
Lisa: The new trend for the hospital’s Café’s are destination stations. Customers like to have variety and the “food court” concept has become very popular.

Question 2: How is the style of dining different from the current hospital’s cafeteria?
Lisa: The current hospital “Café” is a traditional style servery with limited hot food choices. The new hospital will have a “home” station which is your everyday comfort foods –meatloaf, hamburgers, potatoes, vegetables, etc. We will have food stations such as a grill station, pizza station, a salad bar/soup station, home-cooking station and a deli.

Question 3: What are your favorite foods that will be served there?
Lisa: My personal favorite, and I am sure a lot of others will the be, the large salad bar! The new salad bar will be much larger, with a lot more options to choose from than we currently have. The salad bar will be located in the center of the Café and items will be weighed (for price) based on market values at the time.

Question 4: What were the determining factors when designing the seating area?
Lisa: The seating (uncemented tables and chairs) area brushes up against the two story windows that overlook the lake. The whole Café will be nice and bright. Outdoor seating will come at a later date.

Question 5: What about the menu selection/dining area set-up might encourage outsiders (non-patients & visitors) to eat at the hospital’s food court?
Lisa: Visitors will enjoy coming to our Café because of the variety of food options and beautiful view of the lake. They will be able to go for a nice walk around the lake when they are finished eating to catch fresh air (weather permitting, of course). There will always be healthy food available (as there is now). We enjoy doing “theme-based” meals — Baseball Day, Mardi Gras, Tail Gate, Fast Track (special offerings for a limited time), New Year’s Day Celebration and will continue that at the new hospital.  We always have and will have a special Holiday menu for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc. Our general menu will change daily as well. It is important to note that not everything will be available all day due to volume and staffing. Our hours will be 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Question 6: What are some highlights of the decor?
Lisa: The Café will have calming earth tones throughout that will match the rest of the hospital’s decor. The name will be “Café”.

Question 7: Will there be carry-out options?
Lisa: Hopefully in the future (after we move-in)!

Question 8: Does the cafeteria provide the meals for patients in the hospital? If so, what is different about the menu/hours than in the current hospital?
Lisa: We will be offering Room Service on the patient side which is a restaurant style menu and patients order what they want when they are hungry — supporting the hospital’s “patient-centered” care focus. We will not dictate what patients eat other than following the doctors diet order. We will have a variety different menus available — regular, heart healthy, sodium restriction, diabetic, renal, GI Soft/bland, Dysphagia Soft, Mechanically altered, Pureed, Clear liquid/Full liquid and Pediatrics. We can do any combination of diets needed per the doctor’s request. All diets are ordered by the physicians.

Question 9: How do you plan to post nutritional information?
Lisa: Nutritional information is available upon request. We do support a program called “Just4U” — it helps customers navigate through the café for the food that is right for them. Some of the signs that you would see are: “Under 300 calories,” “Low Fat,” “Vegetarian,” “Healthy Eating Option,” and “Calcium Rich Food.”

For more information about the exciting new Sherman Hospital and the daily countdown to grand opening, visit our Future Of Sherman website.

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