15-Acre Geothermal Lake Operational

May 14, 2009

Sherman Health's Geothermal Lake is Active.

For the last few years, the geothermal lake at the new Sherman Hospital site has been a large topic of discussion in the community and around the country. The lake will be used to heat and cool our new hospital, and save an estimated $1 million per year in energy costs.

Construction of the geothermal lake system was completed last summer, and the lake became operational for the first time at the end of April.

“Although the new hospital will not open until December, we activated the lake now so we have time to test and balance the system and make sure enough heat and cooling is distributed in the new building,” says Dawn Stoner, Project Coordinator at Sherman Hospital.

Our 15-acre geothermal lake is the only geothermal lake in Illinois and one of only two lakes currently heating and cooling medical centers in the U.S. In addition to saving an estimated $1 million per year in energy costs, the lake is safe, and the energy produced is a renewable resource that does not create greenhouse gases or pollution.

As a result of our green energy initiative, we have received generous support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Illinois Clean Energy Community foundation. Sherman was awarded a $400,000 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation and a $956,000 grant from the DOE for the geothermal lake project.

5 Responses to “15-Acre Geothermal Lake Operational”

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