New Birthing Center Features

May 28, 2009

Make your birthing experience a good one at the Sherman HospitalAnyone with a little one on its way needs to find a birthing center nearby. Elgin area’s Sherman Hospital will have a new birthing center packed with features all expectant parents want. Plus, Sherman Hospital will continue its partnership with Children’s Memorial Hospital, so you can be sure your baby is getting the best care possible. Some exciting new features include:

• All private rooms with showers, and most with lake-views
• 10 labor/delivery/recovery rooms
• 23 postpartum rooms
• 2 C-section rooms
• 2 bed post anesthesia care unit
• 5 swing rooms
• 5 ante-partum rooms
• 6 triage/outpatient rooms
• Flexible visiting hours
• Sleeper chair in each room
• Birth registrar on unit
• On-call suite for physicians on the floor
• Nearby lactation nurse office
• Family Kitchen
• Family Lounge
• Partnership with Children’s Memorial Hospital, so an on-site hospitalist will be available should the need arise.
• Within the Birthing Center will be the Beth Berkson Neonatal Unit, which will provide care to babies that require extra assistance and attention after birth
• The labor/delivery/recovery rooms all on one floor –a great advantage for patient flow and for mothers with sick newborns.

Visit the Sherman Health Birthing Center website for more information about our services, contact information and anything else you may be interested in learning about. Sherman Health would be honored to deliver your new baby in our new facility during this incredible time in your life!

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  1. […] One of the most notable opening day events was the first baby born in the new hospital. Jocelyn Paredes was born at 9:43 a.m. She weighed 9 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20 inches long. There are about 3,000 births a year at Sherman, which offers Elgin’s only Birthing Center</strong>. […]

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