Bigger and Better: The New Sherman Hospital By the Numbers

June 12, 2009

The New Sherman Hospital campus is not only significantly bigger than our land-locked current campus at 934 Center Street, but all internal spaces in the building reflect a significant size difference. The larger sized campus gives us room for future expansion, and the larger spaces within the new hospital allow for greater efficiency and more room for doctors, nurses, patients, visitors, and staff to work and function, contributing to a more healing environment. Here are some examples to show you the increased space and efficiency Sherman will have in the new hospital, as compared to the 934 Center Street campus.

Special Care Nursery

  • Center Street Campus: 1900 sqft
  • New Hospital: almost 5,000 sqft

Operating Room

  • Center Street Campus: a typical room is around 400 sqft
  • New Hospital: each room is just over 600 sqft

Patient Room

  • Center Street Campus: Our typical double rooms with bathrooms are about 216 sqft each
  • New Hospital: Each private (single) patient room with bathroom is about 280 sqft each

The Emergency Department (including offices, urgent care, ER x-ray & CT)  at the new hospital is over twice the size of the current hospital.

  • Center Street Campus: 12,000 sqft
  • New Hospital: 27,300 sqft

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