Walking Path at the New Sherman Hospital

June 22, 2009

shermanWhen the new hospital opens, you will be able to walk the perimeter of the geothermal lake on a walking path. The construction of the new hospital has the needs of patients and families in mind, and we’re confident there will be an unparalleled level of comfort to your stay.

That said, we understand that no amount of material comfort can grant solace after particularly bad news or just a bad day at the hospital. That is exactly why this walking path will be available; we all relax, unwind and contemplate in different settings, and having nature as a backdrop while getting some gentle exercise is a wonderful way to ease your mind as well as your body.

The walking path is, of course, public, and can be used by all community members, regardless of whether you are a current patient or visitor. It is about 1/2 mile long, wraps around three quarters of the lake, and will also have interesting facts about the geothermal lake posted sporadically along the path. The area around the outside of the path and lake will be planted with natural prairie grass and plantings, which are sure to enhance the environment.

Stay tuned to the Future of Sherman blog for updates on the new walking path, including when its opening day will be and surrounding landscape details.

2 Responses to “Walking Path at the New Sherman Hospital”

  1. Duane said

    Wonderful idea to add the walking path! Will this also connect to nearby Burnidge Woods Park and/or down to Big Timber Road for pedestrian access to Metra?

  2. Duane,

    The walking path goes around the geothermal lake and does not branch to any areas outside Sherman’s property. However, it’s open for all visitors and community members for exercise and taking in the views of the lake and natural prairie surrounding the path.

    Thanks for your question, and enjoy the walking path!

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