Did You Know?

July 23, 2009

137With new details and information about the new Sherman Hospital flowing in every week, it might be difficult to remember exactly what’s going to be different about the new hospital. That said, here are some facts about the new building on Randall and Big Timber Roads that you may not know:

Did you know?

  • Not only was our new hospital designed with natural and healing elements, but also with increased space and efficiency. 
  • Departments that work together, in the new hospital design, often were put in close proximity to one another to improve efficiency.
  • For example, at the current hospital, the Mother/Baby and Labor and Delivery units are on separate floors. At the new hospital, the third floor is a dedicated family birthing center. This is a great benefit to our patients. If a patient is in labor and needs an immediate C-Section, we can easily move her down the hall and complete the procedure.
  • The second floor was specifically designed for the quick transfer of an Emergency Department patient, if needed, to either an OR, Cath Lab, or ICU.
  • The lab is located directly under the surgical unit for quick, immediate access.
  • We will have standardization on each floor. This means that our patient rooms and nursing stations will have all equipment and supplies in the same spots, making it easy for clinical staff to locate what they need quickly.

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