Twitter Tour the New Sherman Hospital

July 29, 2009

134Want an insider’s view of the new Sherman Hospital construction progress? On August 11 at 3PM, Sherman Health will take you on a live tour of the new Sherman Hospital using the popular social-networking site Twitter. See the various components of the beautiful new campus as you never have before! Through pictures and interesting facts, the tour will show the gift shop and cafĂ©, atrium, birthing center, emergency entrance (and helicopter landing area), patient rooms and operating rooms, with more areas of the hospital sure to be explored.

The Twitter tour of the new Sherman Hospital is just two weeks away, so be sure to follow Sherman Health on Twitter to get an exclusive look at what exactly is going on inside the walls of the beautiful building on Randall and Big Timber Roads.

149For those of you well-versed in all things Twitter, our hashtag is #sherman. Regardless of your experience on the social networking site, you can watch the tour unfold by following one simple link. To experience the Twitter Tour, visit and follow along at 3 PM on August 11th.

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