Features of the New Hospital

September 17, 2009


In less than 3 months, the new Sherman Hospital at Big Timber and Randall roads in Elgin will open. With 255 private patient rooms, everything about the new hospital was designed to make patients and their families as comfortable as possible—from the food to the views. With the opening date approaching quickly, we thought it’d be a good idea to recap some of the features of the new hospital.

Healing setting: The facility features beautiful views of a 15-acre, environmentally friendly lake and forest preserve, in addition to bright, open spaces inside the hospital.

Reduced ER waits: To reduce wait times and enhance patient comfort, the new emergency department will offer in room check-in.

Comprehensive cancer care: The new stand-alone Cancer Care Center will offer comprehensive treatment options, including radiation oncology.

Comfortable rooms: Each patient room includes a private bathroom with a shower. Most rooms will include sleeper couches for loved ones. Family lounges are located nearby, and visitors are welcome any time.

patient room 3

New food options: Drinks and healthy snacks will be offered for family members on each floor. For guests, food will be served at our new cafeteria, which is designed like a food court. You’ll find more choices, with food cooked to order, in a bright, airy atmosphere. Patio dining will be available when weather permits. For patients, we will offer room service from a restaurant–style menu featuring a variety of healthy meal options. Patients will be able to order meals at their own time, unless directed by a physician.

Green technology: A 15-acre geothermal lake will help heat and cool the hospital, saving more than $1 million a year in energy costs while promoting green initiatives in the community. The temperature at the lake’s bottom—a constant 55 degrees—will be the hospital’s heating and cooling source, with energy for the hospital harnessed by a loop-heat pump system under the water. Sherman’s geothermal lake is the only one of its kind in Illinois and one of only two lakes currently heating and cooling medical centers in the U.S. The lake also will feature a half-mile walking path.


To learn more about these exciting changes and watch our construction progress, visit the Future of Sherman website.

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