New Hospital Update

September 24, 2009


September 9 (09/09/09) represented a landmark day for the new hospital project. After months of construction, the building has been completed with the delivery of the IDPH binder to Springfield, which indicates that the facility is ready for inspection.

  • We remain on schedule to open December 15!
  • Sherman teams will now focus efforts on equipment, furniture, and securing signage at the new hospital.
  • The next three months will be crucial for staff training and orientation at the new facility.
  • Public Safety staff are already on site at the new hospital 24 hours a day/7 days a week to ensure the safety and security of the new facility.
  • The fence came down along Randall Road, as we are in the process of Randall Road construction, paving in the parking lot, and landscaping.
  • Cleaning crews are at work to make the new place shine.

Stay tuned to the Future of Sherman blog and the brand new Future of Sherman home page for important updates in the coming months as we prepare to take occupancy at 1425 Randall Road!

2 Responses to “New Hospital Update”

  1. Ron Quinn said

    Hi Ron Quinn here. My wife Ella and I live in Palatine and are considering moving to Huntley in the future since my daughter and her family live there. I have a Kidney Stone condition and am looking at working with Urology Limited of Elgin, Illinois. My question is what models of Lithotripsy machines have been purchased for outpatient surgery section? My best experiences have been with the Dornier Delta Compact units and I wonder if you have those available for the Urologists. Thank you.

  2. Hi Ron, thanks for your comment!

    We do not own a Lithotripsy machine rather we rent the device and technicians on a weekly basis from United Shockwave Limited. United Shockwave uses the Lithotron device which is a spark gap technology. It is reported that his technology is more effective in breaking stones and also more durable. Here is the website:

    The Urology Limited group all utilize their services here at Sherman hospital and we average about 6 procedures per week. The procedures are done as an outpatient in the Outpatient Care Unit at Sherman Hospital. We welcome any other questions you might have and we are available to provide any additional information you may need.

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