4 New Exterior Photos of the New Hospital

October 27, 2009

The new Sherman Hospital opens on December 15th and, as you might expect, it’s really taking shape. Here are four new photos of the exterior of the hospital. You can also view the photos in the gallery on our newly redesigned Future of Sherman site.

Hospital with the geothermal lake in the foreground

Shot of where the "turning water into energy" magic happens

Outdoor seating area for the cafe

Main entrance

5 Responses to “4 New Exterior Photos of the New Hospital”

  1. Pat S. said

    Congratulations: I would like to be able to see the new Sherman Hospital in person. However, it’s so great to have the Emails. Harold was administrator of Sherman Hospital for many years. It’s a pleasure to hear from John and Mary, Marilyn, Marge, and Joy by Email and by phone. Thank you all so much.

    All good luck. Pat S – Tucson, AZ

  2. Pat S. said

    Thanks and please continue the emails.

    Congratulations. It’s so good to receive the news of the new Hospital!

  3. […] Interior Photos] [4 Exterior Photos] [8 Aerial Photos] Posted by Sherman Health Filed in Construction Photos, Construction […]

  4. Ben said

    I no longer live in the area, but will be back for Christmas. My family has long histories in the old hospital and I look forward to stopping by and seeing the new campus when I’m back for Christmas.

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