Info on Artwork at the New Hospital

November 20, 2009

Note: This post was guest-written by Kathleen Bernhardt

The new Sherman art collection includes a selection of media from photographs to sculpture and includes painting, watercolors, pastels and textiles.

The theme and philosophy of the collection is based on the concept that a comforting environment contributes to positive patient outcomes.  We have focused on providing a collection that will be familiar and nurturing to patients, visitors and  employees.

Many images are of the Elgin area and the Midwest.  An important and interesting part of the collection are the photographs in the patient rooms.  Many are the work of our doctors and staff as well as local photographers and artists.  Each photograph so generously donated and accepted into the collection will have a plaque identifying the location of the photograph and the name of the donor.

While we have so many pieces in the collection that are interesting and eye catching,  a sculpture made of two 14 foot canoes is certain to garner a great deal of attention!

The selection process was the result of the Sherman Art Committee reviewing over 1,000 works of art to arrive at the final pieces to be included in the collection.


One Response to “Info on Artwork at the New Hospital”

  1. Tori Ossola said

    Your art collection is outstanding! I am wondering if you have a brochure on the various pieces that you can send to me?

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