Complete Details on the New Hospital

December 4, 2009

The opening of the new Sherman Hospital is just 11 days away! In preparation for the date, here’s information about our transition from our current address on Center Street to our future address on Randall and Big Timber Roads. Also included are articles with details about the new hospital, both in photo and written form.

Also important to note:

When the new hospital opens on December 15th, there will be 125 critical and non-critical patients to move from Center Street to Randall and Big Timber Roads. The non-critical patients will be moved first, followed by the critical patients. The emergency department at Center Street closes at 7 am on the 15th. Anyone who drives up after that time will be asked if they are able to drive to the new hospital. If not, we will call 911 for them.

To view all of the photos of the new hospital to date, click here to visit our Flickr profile!

5 Responses to “Complete Details on the New Hospital”

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  2. susie carrillo said

    its awesome. i’m proud to be in this community!

  3. Anthony Bonocore said

    The Hospital looks great.

  4. marlene said

    Sherman Hospital is one hospital people who have the capacity to pay need to support due to its mission to assist those in need of medical care but cannot afford. I pray God will always bless this hospital and its tireless doctors, nurses, technicians and all its staff. To the owners and workers of this hospital, congratulations.

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