Photo Recap: 10 Images of Move-In Day

December 23, 2009

We officially moved into our new hospital on Tuesday, December 15th. Moving patients from the Center Street campus to the new building at Randall and Big Timber Roads was a massive undertaking, one that took months to plan. On the 15th, things got underway well before the sun was up. Here’s a photo recap of the historic day.

Ambulances line up, ready to move patients

WGN Radio interviews Bonnie, first patient to be moved

Shot of an ambulance as a helicopter flies overhead

Jewelry at the brand new Treehouse Gift Shop

The all-new Sherman Perk, located inside the gift shop

Recapping the busy day

Overlooking the dining area

Seating near the Radiology Registration Desk

Ambulance arrives with another patient. Geothermal lake in the background

Welcome to the brand new Sherman Hospital!

If you’d like to read more about the move-in day, you can do so by clicking the links below. Happy Holidays!

[Tour of the Treehouse Gift Shop]
[Interview with Bonnie, the first patient moved]
[Dramatic End & Beginning to Sherman’s Cardiac Cath Lab]

6 Responses to “Photo Recap: 10 Images of Move-In Day”

  1. Mott said

    These images are gorgeous! What an exciting addition to Elgin.

  2. I’m delighted to see the photo for “recapping a busy day”. I’m the artist who created the art piece that’s the backdrop for that conference.

  3. alice kramer said

    I’ve since moved from Elgin, but Sherman was always a large part of my life. This new building and move is historic. It’s unbelievable to view such great photos, what a magnificent building and move! CONGRATULATIONS! Job well done by all!

  4. Helen R Sigler said

    As a former employee of Sherman Hospital, now living in Dallas, TX, I was absolutely thrilled to see that you all had finally moved into your new building. Job well done, congratulations!

  5. Irene Dittmer said

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Move was a very big deal. I’m sure the patients are enjoying their private rooms now.

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