Geothermal Program at Sherman is Coming Soon!

March 19, 2010

The Sherman Auxiliary is in the process of creating an educational program for middle schools in the area about geothermal energy. Our 15-acre geothermal lake on the hospital campus heats and cools the new hospital, one of only two such lakes in the country. In addition to saving an estimated $1 million per year in energy costs, the energy produced by the lake is a renewable resource that does not create greenhouse gases or pollution.

“We want to be the cornerstone of a larger community effort,” says Sharon Jakle, President of the Sherman Hospital Auxiliary. “In addition to developing an educational program about our lake, we want to work with other community organizations to educate the community about green initiatives.”

Sherman has brought volunteer Marianne Zito, retired Assistant Superintendent of Instruction at school district 54 in Schaumburg and former district Science Coordinator, on board to help create the geothermal program. In the next few months, she hopes to learn as much as she can about our lake and geothermal energy and develop lesson plans for schools in the area. To show children a real world application of this technology, local schools will also be invited to visit Sherman’s lake.

“First we want to learn more about this technology, and then visit schools to find out what questions children have about this technology,” says Marianne. “This will help us create a program that interests children, and will help us train local educators about geothermal energy in a practical setting.”

This week, Dawn Stone, Project Coordinator at Sherman, toured the manifold building and lake with Marianne and Sharon as an initial step in the creation of the new program.

Stayed tuned for more updates! In the meantime, visit for information on the geothermal lake and the new hospital.

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