Use QR Codes to Learn More about the Geothermal Lake

June 1, 2010

The new Sherman Hospital’s cafe not only has a great selection of food, but also a great atmosphere to enjoy it in. At the cafe you’ll enjoy the natural light that comes in from the large windows that overlook the geothermal lake, and now that it’s getting warmer out you can even dine al fresco right next to the lake.

Since we knew diners would spend a good deal of their meal looking out at the 15-acre lake, we thought we’d explain a few geothermal facts. And since geothermal technology is new to people, why not use an interesting new technology to help people learn more about it as they dine? So we have put QR Codes on table tents in the cafe.

What’s a QR Code, you might wonder? It’s a black and white image that works like a Bar Code with a smart phone. Using QR Code application, you can use your smartphone to take a picture of the QR Code, which will launch a web page in your smartphone’s browser. The QR Code on the Sherman cafe table tents takes you to a page that tells you more about the geothermal lake and how it works.

QR Codes are everywhere in Japan (on billboards, building signage, and even on fast food packaging), and they are a simple way to connect print with mobile technology. People scan QR Codes on building signage for a map of how to get somewhere within the building. They scan billboards for a link to coupons. They scan fast food packaging for nutrition information. QR Codes have just started showing up in the US recently, and use of them may spread as smartphones grow in popularity. For now, we decided to have fun with QR Codes to give our smartphone-using diners a new way to interact with the geothermal lake.

So if you have a smartphone, come by the Sherman cafe to check out how QR Codes work. Also, visit from your smartphone to see our new mobile site, which lets you view hospital floorplans, send an ecard to a patient, find a physician, and more.

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