The Future of Center Street

January 30, 2009

jgpIn less than a year, the grand opening of the New Sherman Hospital on Randall Road will take place. So what will come of the current hospital?

Sherman Health is happy to announce that the current hospital location will remain a significant medical facility for the community.

The 120-year old hospital on Center Street will be converted to the largest Health Care Center (Sherman Family Health Care Center Street) of all Sherman Health Immediate Care facilities. The building will  house an Immediate Care Center, physician offices and clinical departments.

The parking tower, grand pavilion, and surgery pavilion will remain as well as all 13 acres on the premises. As always, every inch of the land will be used solely with the intent to provide healthcare to the public. While the entire project will be phased, it is Sherman’s commitment to the community to make sure Sherman Family Health Care Center Street’s Immediate Care Center will open simultaneously to the Grand Opening of the New Sherman Hospital.

All Sherman Immediate Care Centers are walk-in clinics — no appointment necessary — and are designed to treat minor (not life-threatening) injuries and illnesses right away. They even offer many of the same services as an ER, such as X-Ray, mammography and blood testing.
There is also a board-certified physician on duty at all times in addition to specially trained healthcare personnel to provide the care you need when you need it most. And with four–soon to be five–convenient locations, there’s sure to be a center close by whenever you need it.

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